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Saab 35FS Draken (DK-259)

Saab 35FS Draken is a supersonic jet fighter of Swedish origin. Prototype flew for the first time in 1955.
Finnish Air Force procured 47 aircraft during 1972-1986, twenty four of which were ex-Swedish air force 35FS versions. The other versions were 35BS (6), 35CS (5) and 35S (12, new).

Draken was the first Finnish fighter equipped with radar and radar guided air to air missile. Draken is still in service at Lapland Air Command in Rovaniemi, until year 2000. DK-259 was acquired from the Air Force May 1997. It first flew in February 1967. It was flown to Finland in November 1985. DK-259 served at Fighter Squadron 21 in Pirkkala and flew last time in January 1997. Total flight time is 2750 hours.

Technical data: Wingspan 9.42 m, length 15.34, empty weight 6.590 kg, equipped 10.500 kg. Max level speed at altitude 1.800 km/h = Mach 1,7. Engine: Volvo RM 6C, max thrust 6.520 kp.