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Gloster Gauntlet II GT-400 / OH-XGT (s/n K5271)

OH-XGT / GT-400 is a Gloster Gauntlet Mk.II -fighter preserved by Lentotekniikan Kilta ( Air Force Technical Guild) during 1976-1982. It is the only survivor of its type in the world.

Gauntlet is a British biplane fighter. The first flight of the prototype took place in 1934. When the Winter War broke out in 1939, Finland began looking for war material from any available sources. The Federal Government of South Africa donated 29 aircraft, 24 of which were brought to Finland. The Gauntlet was retired 1945.

Technical data: Span 9,99m, lengt 8,00 m, empty weight 1 340 kg, equipped 1 800 kg, max level speed at sea level 300 km/h, engine Alvis Leonides 520 hp.