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Mikojan-Gurevitsh MiG-21BIS (MG-116)

MiG-21BIS is latest version in Soviet MiG-21 series of supersonic jet figtfers. Prototype Ye-2 flew for the first time in 1955. MiG-21BIS was in Finnish Air Force service in 1978-1998. MiG-21BIS was the latest jet figther to exceed Mach 2 speed in Finnish Air Force.

MiG-21BIS flew last time in 7. mars 1998 in Finnish Air Force service. Flying Museums MG-116 (c/n 75083895) was aquired from Finnish Air Force in spring 1999. It is in the markings of 31 Fighter Squadron, which operated the aircraft at Kuopio.

Technical data: Wingspan 7.15m, length 14.50 m, equipped 5.450 kg, take-off weight 8.725 kg. Max level speed at altitude 2.150 km/h = Mach 2.05 mach. Engine: Tumanskij R-25-300, max thrust 7.100 kp.