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PIK-5c (OH-151)

The PIK-5 is a Finnish designed sailplane. Its first version PIK-5a was built in 1946. An improved model PIK-5b was built in quantities in flying clubs. The latest model PIK-5c was constructed in the 1950s. PIK-5 was the most widely used club class sailplane in Finland in the 1940s and 1950s. Karhula Club built a PIK-5b, which was in use in 1962-65. OH-151 was initially a PIK-5b operated by Inkeroisten Ilmailukerho as OH-PAP. It was rebuilt from remains into a PIK-5c model. It is fully airworthy and flown regularly.

Technical data: Span 12,4 m, length 6,4 m, empty weight 124 kg, max weight 210 kg, max speed 150 km/h. Glide ratio 1:18.